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Who We Are

KRVSA – Kissimmee River Valley Sportsman’s Association – began in 1988. KRVSA formed when Kissimmee Chain of Lakes (KCOL) lakefront property owners were regularly having recreational boaters arrested for trespassing on KCOL wetlands. Our founders believed we were within our rights to navigate upon these sovereign submerged lands and contiguous waterways. We filed suit – KRVSA v. Robert McNamara. This lawsuit wound its way through the entirety of Florida’s court system and the Florida Supreme Court sided with KRVSA. This court ruling became the foundation for Florida Water Law and the Public’s Right of Access, on motorized vessels – to Florida’s Sovereign Submerged Wetlands and to Federal Navigable Waterways – and it has been the case law that allowed access to many other contested wetlands – like Fisheating Creek.
A Sportman on his airboat, proudly flying the KRVSA branded visibility flag.
Our association diligently worked towards the goal of uncontested access to public uplands and wetlands since our beginning. KRVSA is made up of Families, Men and Women, who are working to protect our rights as Sportsman to keep our waterways navigable in Florida. We are a Conservation minded group, our efforts have been rewarded and acknowledged by Boat US and by the Florida Wildlife Federation. In fact, KRVSA has earned FWF’s “Conservation Organization of the Year” 3 times. KRVSA member actively participates in numerous KCOL Clean Ups where we have removed many tons of debris, trash, and derelict vessels. We regularly participate in Project Eagle which removes garbage from the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes. We participate in Keep Polk County Beautiful, Tampa Bay Watch’s Derelict Crab Trap Removal efforts and have long ago adopted a section of Camp Mack Road.

We are involved on a regular basis with the South Florida Water Management District and area Law Enforcement agencies to lobby for our mutual interests & navigation rights. Among our activities are the construction of safe haven shelters like KRVSA’s Pavillion at Miles Point on Lake Kissimmee and Macnamarra Landing at Shady Oaks Public Recreation Area.
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