Life Vest Partnership

The Kissimmee River Valley Sportsman Association cares about your safety on the water. The life vest you received was donated to the FWC in good faith to hand out to boaters in need.

The KRVSA in partnership with “The Freedom Tour” acquired 7 pallets of life vests. The KRVSA members discussed and voted to donate them to the FWC.

Donations made to the Life Vest Partnership fund will go to help support the Freedom Tour as well as the mission of the KRVSA. The button below will open our online donation page in a new tab.
KRVSA leadership holding some of the red and black life vests donated to the FWC.

Who We Are

KRVSA is made up of men, women, and families who are working to protect our rights as Sportsman to keep our waterways navigable in Florida. We are a Conservation minded group whose efforts have been rewarded and acknowledged by Boat US and by the Florida Wildlife Federation. Please explore the rest of our website to see some of our upcoming events and get involved.
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